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About us

Piping Services

Our tools and experience

With the latest in instrumentation, mathematical analysis software and experience
in both the onshore and offshore environments, we are geared to provide a quick solution to your piping needs. We achieve maximum accuracy by combining our skilled operators with the most precise equipment available. This equipment gives us the ability to consistently and reliably measure any point in 3 dimensions, to an accuracy of 1mm.

Features of our piping surveys

■ Digital data collection, storage & processing from start to finish.
■ Highly portable measuring instruments.
■ Access to congested/awkward locations.
■ No requirement for spools to be set up.
■ Onsite processing.
■ Ability to measure on vibrating and/or floating structures.
■ High accuracy.
■ Customised reporting styles.
■ Speed of turn around.

What services do we offer?

■ Pipe routing surveys & clash detection.
■ Pipe spool surveys.
■ Flange inclinations & bolt hole rotations.
■ Interface analysis for fabricated piping to offshore tie-ins.
■ Vessel surveys.
■ Piping isometrics (dimensional information only).
■ Lump sum pricing (spool fabrication surveys).
■ Onsite processing.

Benefits of our piping surveys

DCSurveys offers a precise, efficient, and cost-effective means to measure piping on-site or in the workshop, providing the following benefits:


Ensure dimensional compliance to fabrication specification tolerance.


Fit first time, rapid installation and reduced shut down times.


Safety improvements.


Reduce wear & tear stress on piping with stress-free fit-ups.


Accurate estimation for materials procurement.


Reduced on site work scope & labor requirements.

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