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About us


Who are we?

A new company created after the closing down of the Dimensional Control service line in Fugro Australia. Owned and operated by Ritchie Mulholland, Eric Kloosterman and Robert McGlade, the team including fellow ex Fugro surveyors and others have decades of combined experience in the field of Land Surveying, Dimensional Control, Laser Scanning, Metrology and Monitoring surveys both locally and Overseas.

What is dimensional control?

Dimensional Control is the combination of 3-dimensional measurements with mathematical modelling, to analyze and compare the item surveyed with another object (interface) or with its design. Dimensional Control methodology is used by us in a wide variety of industries including oil and gas, mining, marine, aeronautical and automotive industries and in general manufacturing and engineering.

Why us?

The combination of our experience with the methodologies we can offer and the technologies available to us enable us to offer the best and most cost-effective solution to your measuring needs. We couple this with providing meaningful reporting formats tailored to your specific requirements.

Our services

■ 3D as built services to facilitate new design.

■ Dimensional fabrication checks & as-built reports.

■ Piping route & tie-in surveys for design & fabrication including clash detection.

■ Fit up analysis utilizing least squares best fit analysis.

■ Dimensional surveys on objects large or small, from valves to offshore platforms typically with 1mm accuracy.

■ Higher precision available through specialist methodologies and equipment offering accuracies of 0.05mm or better.

■ Monitoring surveys of objects, structures or buildings for possible settlement or deformation.

■ 3-D alignment & symmetry surveys of machinery and systems with 3D data analysis.

■ Surveys on land or on floating or moving structures.

Benefits of dimensional control

The objective of any Dimensional Control survey is to ensure correct fabrication, installation, alignment and fit up of structures, piping and components. Some of the benefits to be obtained from our methodologies include:


Accurate, quick & efficient collection of 3-dimensional data.


Highly mobile measuring systems enabling surveys in congested places & allowing surveys on objects in situ.


Cost savings & improved safety resulting from the elimination or reduction in hot work on site.


Certification of fit up compatibility without the need for trial fits resulting from mathematical fit-ups of two or more components by survey.


Reduced wear & tear on equipment resulting from 3D alignment checks and analysis.

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