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About us

Industrial Metrology Services

Our Instruments and Experience

With the latest in instrumentation and software and with the experience in many different industry sectors, both Onshore and Offshore, we are geared to provide the best cost-effective solution to your metrology requirements.

DCSurveys own and operate the Hexagon Leica ATS600 Scanning Laser Tracker, the first and most accurate reflectorless metrology grade scanner of its kind.

This instrument has an angular accuracy of ±0.015mm +0.006mm /m, a length accuracy of ±0.1mm to a prism and an absolute accuracy of ±0.3mm reflectorless scanning without a prism.

To complement this, DCSurveys also own and operate the Artec Eva handheld scanner, offering an accuracy of ±0.1mm for surface scanning and reverse engineering.

Features of our Industrial Metrology Services

■ Digital data collection, storage and processing from start to finish.
■ Portable measuring instruments.
■ Access to congested or confined locations using various survey brackets and upside-down setups.
■ Customised reporting using Spatial Analyzer Metrology software.​

■ Specialised tooling and nests to ensure high precision measurements.

■ Ability to deliver in any of the industry standard formats

What services do we offer?

■ Machining surveys

■ Sub mm as-builds and modelling

■ Reverse engineering and modelling

■ Precision alignment and symmetry surveys

■ Surface profiling

■ Realtime monitoring

■ Machine calibrations

Benefits of our Industrial Metrology Services

DCSurvey's ATS600 and Artec EVA scanners offer many benefits including:


Rapid non-contact capture of surface points at a rate of up to 1000 pts/sec at an accuracy of ±0.3mm using the ATS600 Tracker at 60 meters or ±0.1mm using the Artec EVA Scanner at 2 metres.


Metrology grade measurements better then 0.1mm to SMR glass prisms using the ATS600 Tracker


Improved efficiency and safety exposure by reducing survey site time and non-contact measurements.


The ability to have real-time measurement and analysis during fabrication, fit-up and/or testing and calibration.


Non-Contact measurement capabilities reducing the need for Elevated Work Platforms or scaffolding

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