Based in Perth, Western Australia, we are
qualified surveyors with a combined
experience of decades specialising in
Dimensional Control and precision surveying.

Dimensional Control



Dimensional Control (DC) is the combination of 3-dimensional measurements with mathematical modelling, to analyse and compare the item surveyed with another object (interface) or with its design.



The objectives of DC surveys are to ensure correct fabrication, installation, alignment and fit up of structures, piping and components.



Dimensional Control methodology is used by us in a wide variety of industries. DC surveys can be found in oil and gas, mining, marine, aeronautical and automotive industries and in general manufacturing and engineering.

Why choose us?

The combination of our experience with
the methodologies that we can offer and
the technologies available to us enable us
to offer the best and most cost effective
solution to your measuring needs.

We couple this with providing meaningful
reporting formats tailored to your specific



Fabrication Surveys

Fabrication checks against design, including pipe spools, vessels, skids, platforms, and equipment. Emphasis on the critical interface connections often found on such items.


3D Asbuild Surveys

As-build surveys Onshore or Offshore on anything that requires accurate dimensional information. Used by our clients to backdrop on their design to check for clash free designs.


3D Alignment and Symmetry Surveys

Used to check straightness, levelness, flatness, and many other tests on machinery in many industries including mining, manufacturing, shipping, aeronautical and Oil & Gas.


Interface surveys and analysis studies

Surveys as small as spools fitting between fixed tie-ins to offshore platforms fitting to jackets, often with items built in different countries at different temperature scales.

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Leadership Team

Was one of the first in Western Australia to provide DC surveys through Associated Surveys and then Fugro, beginning with Woodside’s North Rankin Alpha platform. His biggest challenge these days is finding time to get out on the golf course.

Ritchie Mulholland
Managing Director

Together with Ritchie has been instrumental in developing the modern day dimensional control practises and methodologies still used today by the industry. As long as it is in the great outdoors, he is happy, boating, bushwalking, whatever.

Eric Kloosterman

Has been in this industry for over a decade, providing dimensional control services, and specialising in geotechnical monitoring, whether it be dams or tunnels, having managed some of the longest and largest monitoring projects in WA to date. Another one for the outdoors and spending time with his young family camping as often as he can.

Robert McGlade



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